Within projects we contribute to the communication, knowledge dissemination and exploitation of the project and research results. Participation and community building are important keys to make citizens and/or stakeholders actively part of the project.

Effective communication requires a goal-oriented strategy with a mission and vision. Within the project we therefore provide a recognizable branding (form) and a clear message (content). By using both offline and online channels, we communicate the need of the project on local to global levels. We create an understandable and interesting story, to make the message recognizable for a large audience. This happens in various forms, such as websites, banners, podcasts, videos, press releases and social media.

As with communication, nowadays knowledge can be shared in more ways than by traditional publications on (scientific) platforms. Therefore, in addition to these passive forms of knowledge dissemination, we also use active ones to arouse interest and receive insights. We inform interested relevant stakeholders with knowledge and results during active meetings, such as summer schools and (virtual) demos. By doing so, the community gains feedback and insights and creates commitment and desire from stakeholders to collaborate with the consortium.

The project and the associated knowledge dissemination have most impact when it results in actions. Therefore, we actively engage with interested stakeholders to ensure the results are put into practice. We help organizations, governments and knowledge institutions to bring a new product, service or process to the market. Results are used when going through the TRL-levels to keep track of the development of the innovation. In our opinion, an important aspect in exploitation is collaboration between the quadruple helix for a broad impact in society. This increases the likelihood of behavioral change and of a better and more sustainable world.